Entire Home

Sleeps 10

554 m² size


Pets allowed

BBQ facilities

Free parking

Air conditioning

Private bathroom

Non-smoking rooms


Hear from Our Guests

Omani Heritage & Design

Comfortable & Relaxing Interiors

The house features three furnished bedrooms with attached washrooms and heating systems. The bedrooms can accommodate different sleeping arrangements, including a double bed in Bedroom 1 and two beds each in Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3. Additional mattresses, blankets, and pillows are provided for larger groups. 

The living room provides a cozy gathering space, and the well-equipped kitchen includes amenities for meal preparation. Guests can enjoy the traditional Omani design throughout the rest house.

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Canyon Rest House in Jabal Shams, Oman, offers a range of outdoor amenities for you to enjoy. Indulge in outdoor dining with our barbeque facilities, creating memorable moments as you savor delicious meals amidst the stunning landscapes. Gather around the campfire area under the starry night sky, creating cherished memories as you share stories and enjoy the warmth of the crackling fire. 

The outdoor amenities add a touch of adventure and relaxation to your stay, ensuring that your time at Canyon Rest House is truly unforgettable.

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Outdoor BBQ, Dining, Campfires & Stargazing


Nearby Attractions, Hikes & Summits

Jabal Shams, Oman, offers a plethora of nearby attractions, including the W6 Path (Balcony Walk) along the Grand Canyon's rim, providing stunning vistas. The challenging W4 Path (Summit hike) rewards adventurers with rugged beauty, although the highest summit is restricted. 

Additionally, enjoy mesmerizing views at the Grand Canyon viewpoint and experience magical stargazing. Jabal Shams is an unforgettable destination to embrace nature's beauty and create lasting memories.

Jabal Shams, with its breathtaking hikes, mesmerizing viewpoints, and celestial displays, offers a truly unforgettable experience. Embrace the beauty of nature, challenge yourself on the trails, and create lasting memories.

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Perfectly located

near the major attractions
in Jabal Shams

Jabal Shams View Point

500 m

Sunset View Point

1.1 km

Sunsrise View Point

1.2 km

W6 - Balcony Walk

1.4 km

W4 - Jabal Shams Summit

8.2 km

Canyon Rest House


View Point

1.1 km

Sunset Point

1.2 km

Sunrise Point

1.4 km

W6 - Balcony Walk Hike

8.2 km

W4 - Jabal Shams Summit

Ahmed Al Khatri

Hiking & Trail Guide

Ahmed is a seasoned hiking guide renowned for his expertise in the trails and hikes of Jabal Shams. With years of experience exploring the rugged beauty of this region, Ahmed possesses an intimate knowledge of the area's hidden gems and breathtaking vistas. He is fluent in English and Arabic.

W6 Path ( Balcony Walk )

This is the most recommended route for casual hikes as it is an easy hike through the rim of the ‘Grand Canyon’ starting from Al Khitaym village. This is the village at the end of the road at Jabal Shams, right at the edge of the canyon. As you get in the village and past the ‘stalls’ set up by the villagers, you will notice the white, red and yellow flags indicating the start of route W6 .

The route takes you from Al Khitaym village through the rim of Al Nakhur Canyon, with spectacular views of the canyon and villages in the bottom. The route is well paved with a gentle downward slope, taking you past a couple of corners that are worth a stop to take in the view, all the way to an abandoned village called “Al Sab” where you can see traces of terraced gardens, towers and houses. There is a water pool accessible with a bit of climbing from the village, but it is not immediately obvious how to get there so make sure you follow the route markers.Overall, the roundtrip hike from Al Khitaym to the abandoned village of Al Sab shouldn’t take you more than 2.5 hours, and is an easy hike suitable for all levels (even for the younger ones).

W4 Path ( Summit )

This is ‘the hike to do‘ in Jabal. Shams, and is a steep climb up the plateau all the way to the ‘summit’. To start the hike, you need to take the turn off at the Sama Heights Resort from the main road and follow the graded road to a wadi with an open space suitable for parking and a sign indicating the start of the W4 route.

The hike is quite steep and can be demanding especially if you’re a casual hiker. A roundtrip should take anywhere from 10-12 hours, with the ascent taking 5-7 hours depending on how many stops you take. The disadvantage is that during the winter months the weather can get extremely cold. You’ll reach the edge of the canyon with some more great views that are worth stopping at for some photos, and this is a place worth going even if you don’t intend to do the full hike.

Keep in mind that the ‘summit’ reached in the hike is not the actual summit, instead it is ~2,997 m high while the highest summit (~3,009 m high) is a restricted area due to a military outpost.

The traditional Omani design of Canyon Rest House in Jabal Shams is a remarkable reflection of the ancient heritage of the Sultanate of Oman. Constructed using a blend of cement and mud, the rest house showcases the authentic architectural style that has been cherished for generations. The use of these natural materials not only pays homage to the cultural legacy of the region but also provides a sense of harmony with the surrounding landscape. 

Every corner of the house exudes the charm of traditional Omani craftsmanship, with intricate details and a warm color palette that embraces the rich cultural tapestry. From the moment you step inside, you are transported back in time, enveloped by the timeless beauty and elegance that defines Omani design.

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Experience Oman's Heritage and Hospitality

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The house features 3 furnished bedrooms with attached washrooms equipped with heating systems. We also have 1 living room, and a kitchen.

The house can sleep 10 people in total.

  • Bedroom 1 has a double bed
  • Bedroom 2 has 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 3 has 2 single beds
  • There are also 4 extra mattresses, 4 extra blankets and 4 extra pillows

We also allow pets - please let us have details at the time of booking.

Yes, we have a large outdoor spaces with the following facilities

  • Campfire area
  • BBQ facilities
  • Outdoor dining
  • Parking space for 2 cars

We also provide firewood upon request at an additional charge.

We are located

  • Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes from Muscat
  • Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Nizwa

Canyon Rest House is located very close to all the major tourist spots in Jabal Shams:

  • Jabal Shams - View Point - 500m
  • Sunset Point - 1.1km
  • Sunrise Point - 1.2km
  • W6 - Balcony Walk Hike - 1.4km
  • W4 - Jabal Shams Summit - 8.2km

Sorry, but we do not rent rooms separately. Our rest house is perfect for families and friends. Even if you are a couple, you will enjoy the privacy and having the whole place to yourself.

  • Check-in time: 3:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 10:00 am

The house is located at an elevation of approximately 2000 meters.

Food is not included in the price, however we can arrange home cooked traditional Omani food during your stay. Please get in touch with us for more details.

For adventure seekers, Canyon Rest House is located near the W4 trekking route of Jabal Shams and the W6 route of the balcony walk. 

For additional hiking / trail guide services, you can contact our guide Ahmed Al Khatri ( +968 9222 0423)

We can provide transport from the bottom of the mountain till the top, where the rest house is located at an additional charge. Please let us know while booking.

Book with Us, 
Make a Difference.

Your stay at Canyon Rest House goes beyond a memorable experience. A portion of your booking directly supports local communities. From building schools to mosques (masjids), we are committed to making a positive impact. Choose us for a meaningful stay that empowers and uplifts.

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